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Positive Benefits of Pet Ownership for Seniors

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but as it turns out, they might make even better friends for seniors. According to the Pets for the Elderly Foundation, seniors who owned pets showed signs of better health—including reduced rates of heart disease, lower cholesterol and reduced blood pressure (particularly in female owners)—in addition to a range of mental health benefits.

At Renaissance in Chandler, we pride ourselves on creating a senior community where not only our residents thrive, but their furry friends can too. We are a pet friendly independent living and assisted living community that welcomes pet lovers.

Take a look at the top benefits of owning a pet for seniors:Pet friendly senior community in Chandler

A pet provides a constant companion—In a recent study, a majority of seniors rated companionship as one of their top priorities as they age. And although many individuals can find this companionship in social clubs and happy hours, they also desire this companionship at home. This is where a pet can provide companionship and love when they need it most.

Positive physical health benefits—One study noted that seniors with pets actually showed signs of better health. These health benefits included reduced numbers of heart disease, lower cholesterol numbers and lower blood pressure.

 Positive mental health benefits—In addition to physical health, seniors with pets were shown to have a greater chance of positive mental health as well. These included increased feelings of happiness and overall well-being in addition to lower reported rates of anxiety and depression.

Encourages activity in seniors—Just like humans, pets need exercise and socialization too. Because of this, seniors with pets are more likely to be active, which could contribute to both the positive physical and mental health benefits.

Offers security to owners—Seniors also noted that a feeling of safety was increasingly important as they age. Most pets, whether through their protective nature or their sounding alarm, made seniors feel like they had additional protection—especially if they live alone.

So whether you’re a dog person, a cat person or a whole other animal completely, it turns out owning a pet has positive benefits for seniors. For more information about Renaissance, give us a call at 480-883-2000.