Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment for Seniors – Renaissance Retirement

Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment for Seniors

At Renaissance in Chandler, we want our residents to love where they live and have fun in the process. If you are like most people and looking for creative ways to keep entertained lately, we have you covered. Below are some great ways to stay entertained with indoor and outdoor fun.

Indoor fun

Try out different games – The options for games these days seem to be endless. Whether you have a board game, a deck of cards, or nothing at all – there are many options for inside games to play. You can try out traditional card games such as poker or gin rummy, or specialty games like Uno, or you can find a new tablet game such as Words with Friends to challenge a friend to a digital crossword puzzle. Seniors at Renaissance have access to can play games in the card room, game room or enjoy a game of pool in the billiards room.Assisted Living in Arizona

Get adventurous with cooking – Another great and often forgot about way to have fun indoors is through cooking. Whether it’s an appetizer, meal or dessert, you can find plenty of new recipes online, follow a video or two on YouTube and make something new.

Learn something new – Learning something new doesn’t have to be a task, it can be incredibly rewarding and fun as well. The key is to learn something that you find truly interesting, so that even if there is a learning curve, you are having fun. From learning an instrument to painting your first masterpiece, as long as you love what you do, you will have a great time. The activities team at Renaissance plans a monthly calendar that is full of variety and may offer an opportunity to learn something new.

Outdoor fun

Have a pool day – At Renaissance, our sparkling resort-style pool is just one of the incredible amenities we offer. Relax in the lounge chairs, take a dip in the pool and enjoy the wonderful Chandler, Arizona weather.

Try out some yard games – Yard games can be a great way to not only have fun but also to get active outside. It can be as simple as putting a golf ball around or trying something new like cornhole.

Take your dog for a walk –Your four-legged friend will enjoy the fresh air and scenery while you spend time together outside.

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